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Gaffney 1

Joey Gaffney

Miss Lore

English 2C

6 November 2013

I Thought he was Different

"Mom, I need boy advice!" Said Katrina's daughter Blanche. She went on to tell her mother that there was two boys that seemed to adore her. One was a big, handsome popular and muscular and the other was a scrawny but sweet guy that tried her hardest to win her heart.

Katrina said, "This sounds like a situation I was in. Let me tell you a story about how I ended up with my "husband", Brom. The story goes something like this…"

"So I was at a party at my fathers house. At this party were two men, one big strong man named Brom Bones. The other was a man named Ichabod Crane. He was a tall scrawny man who was very sweet. They both were obviously in love with me but I didn't know which one the feeling was mutual for.

Each of them were taking stabs at my heart in their own special way. Ichabod was dancing with me and boy was he good at it. He was wooing me left and right but Brom's method was to try and intimidate Ichabod and get him away to be with me.

After the dancing ceased, Brom gathered everyone around to tell a story. This story was about the the headless horseman that plagued the town of Sleep Hollow. Everyone was getting a kick out of it but Ichabod seemed to be very nervous and startled by it. He was sweating and looked like he just saw a ghost. After Brom finished the story I said my goodbyes and everyone left. I was left confused about which man I would lend my heart to.

Gaffney 2

Over the next week I didn't...