The Legend of Sleepy Hollow Movie Review

Essay by edgespeeder03A+, May 2004

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Sleepy Hollow, is one of Paramount Pictures best movies. It is directed by the sophisticated man who must love bloody and horror movies. He is known to others as Tim Burton. He has a creative and talented mind. The story takes place in 1799, in the village of Sleepy Hollow, in New York. I think Burton's main character was Johnny Depp who played the role of Ichabod Crane. Unlike in the story where he is a schoolmaster, in the movie he plays an intelligent detective. This well known man uses science to explain about the mysterious disappearances of people's heads, until he encounters the headless horseman and he begins to believe in superstition.

As he arrives to his destination, he attends a party where he meets a lovely and talented actress known as Christina Ricci who plays the role of Katrina Van Tassel. In the movie Katrina Van Tassel falls in love with Ichabod unlike the story were she rejects him and marries Brom Bones played by Casper Van Dien.

Brom Bones in the movie is just basically jealous of what Ichabod can do and that Katrina likes Ichabod instead of him. In the story, Ichabod gets his head chopped off by the headless horseman. In the movie, he survives and Brom Bones gets his head chopped off. My favorite actor in this movie was Christopher Walken who plays the role of the headless horseman.

I rate Sleepy Hollow five stars, because I enjoyed the scary and bloody scenes. My favorite part was when the tree was portrayed as bleeding and when the headless horseman came out from it. I would recommend this movie to all those who could withstand seeing blood squirting everywhere and dreadful violence. Even though I should say that it is not suitable for...