"The Legend of Sleepy Hollow" by Washington Irving- Icabod Crane

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This story takes place in Tarry Town also known as Sleep Hollow, New York along

the Hudson River. Ichabod Crane is a main character who is the teacher. He is very tall with long arms and legs and is originally from Connecticut. The inhabitants were descendents of Dutch settlers. The people act like they are under a spell. They hear voices and see strange sights. The most famous ghost that haunts Sleepy Hollow is the Headless Horseman. He may have been a Hessian soldier whose head was shot off by a cannon ball. He is in a hurry to arrive back at the scene of the battle to try to locate his head and then get back to the church yard where he is buried before the sun comes up. Whoever moves into this region eventually begins seeing these ghostly images.

Ichabod Crane was a strict disciplinarian. He picked on the kids who pretended to be tough.

He left the weak kids along. He stayed friendly with the students and would walk them home hoping to be offered a good meal. He lived with the students he taught staying for a couple of months at a time and then moving to the next home. He helped out on the farm to earn his keep. He led the church in song during Sunday services. He believed in witchcraft.

Katrina Van Tassel took singing lessons from Ichabod. Ichabod liked Katrina and especially liked the idea that her family owned a lot of land and had money.

Abraham Brom Van Brunt (Brom Bones) was very strong and got into mischief and picked fights. He was a great horseback rider. Ichabod and Brom fought over Katrina. A feud rose between the two over the girl. Brom wanted to fight in a duel over the...