The Legendary Queen Boudica And The Iceni Tribe

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The Legendary Queen Boudica and the Iceni Tribe Whenever discussing 'British history', the first things that usually come to mind are the numerous Johns, Edwards, and Henrys that reigned Great Britain; the medieval knights in shining armor that rode war-horses; or the great Shakespearean plays that modeled today's literature. But what about the history behind 'British history?' In fact, not much is known about what went on in the Roman-Britain era(43 AD to 383 AD). Roman-Britain history is not common knowledge, not even common knowledge to the honors English Student. Therefore, it would be most informative to learn about something that had occurred in the "older" 'British history', and in this case, the Roman-Britain era. One significant, historical event that occurred during the Roman-Britain era would be the Boudican Revolt (61 AD), which was led by the notable Warrior Queen, Queen Boudica and the stalwart Celtic Tribe she controlled, the Iceni.

In the days of the Roman-Britain era, during the first century when Rome wanted to rule everything, their existed a very powerful and prosperous Celtic Tribe that lived in Eastern Britain known as the Iceni. Although the Romans were invading Britain, the Iceni Tribe remained friendly with the new invaders and became allies; this alliance lasted from 43 AD to 60 AD. To further show this alliance, at the very beginning of the Roman invasion, the Iceni even aided the Romans by informing them where they could find the Briton's chief commander's bastion; Caesar later defeated this chief commander and declared victory. The Romans figured that the best way to keep the peace with its new provinces was to bribe the elite; Britain inhabitants were offered power, wealth, office, and status just as long as they adopted the Roman ways of life. For example, the Iceni king Prasutagus became...