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LegendA legend is a traditional story that is believed to be true and occurs in historical time but is difficult to verify. Heroes are important in legends and common to all cultures. Heroes can be seen as a refection of their people, they have external expressions of aspects of a cultural shared consciousness. Consciousness is one's awareness of one's self and surroundings. The Native Americans strongly believe in heroes but fall into the category of cultural hero and is considered gods in some sense. One of the most known Native American Hero is Glooskap. He was known as a spirit, warrior and a shaman. A shaman is a person who does spiritual work on behalf of the community through altered states of consciousness.

In the Native American story of The Fight with the Water Monster, Glooskap is need to save the spring water. One day the spring water dried up in the village Glooskap created.

A man was sent up north of the spring to find out what had happened. He comes upon a village with people that had webbed feet and hands. They had water that was yellow and smelly but was only for the chief. So the man went up north to talk to the chief to see if he will share his water. The chief was a huge monster with massive warts and yellow eyes. The monster had dammed the water in his valley and that is where he was living, which explain the color and the smell of the water. The monster showed no sympathy for the man and his village and told the man to get lost. The man went back to his village and all gave up hope that their water will be returned. Glooskap overheard and prepared himself for war. Glooskap painted...