Legends on the Jersey Devil.

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Are you wondering whether or not that thing you saw flying in the air was real? Are you also wondering if it was real, and what it was? It may have been the elusive Jersey Devil. This thing has terrorized people for years. The question still remains-is this mutated thing real?

You may have only seen the shadow, the hoof prints, or the distinct outline of the thing. What you have to remember is that this is in no sense a human that was raised in the wild and has adapted animal traits. This thing doesn't look anything like a human. Its physical features are that it has the head of a horse, large bat-like wings, huge claws, horns growing out of its head, and roughly a four foot long serpentine body. With body features like that it obviously isn't human.

While the thing could be mythological, where it lives isn't.

The Jersey Devil doesn't live up a beanstalk or in a house made of candy. It lives in New Jersey's Pine Barrens. The Pine Barrens are an area of land that stretch for 2,000 miles and all of it is one big pine forest. This would definitely make a good place to hide if you are a mutated monster. Since the Pine Barrens are so big it would take an army to find the Jersey Devil and since it really isn't on a killing spree, why should they look for it especially if it may not even be real? This beautiful land is home to very few. You would think that this would be a great place for campouts but many are very superstitious and they will not go out there. This place is a paradise. It has a long river that runs right through it. The River is...