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Lego Angry Faces Harming Children's Development!!!!!!!!!

We were given to debate on a topic; the topic was how lego angry faces harming children's development which I thought was a very bizarre topic. My opinion is that this is not even 1% true, so I totally go against this statement. Plus I think this is a very pointless topic to talk about. Here is my explanation why I go against this statement to those people who goes for this statement.

Firstly, if any parent thinks this statement is true that "yes" angry faces of lego harms children's developing, why do u parents even buy lego characters for your children's. If those parents think that just small little characters of lego can harm children's developing, what about them watching horror movies on TVs, them staying "online" socially 24/7, they eating junk food, not having enough sleep and many more.

I think these things harm children's developing more than angry faces of lego characters.

Furthermore, in my opinion lego charters are just like other toys that parents buy for their children in childhood. It doesn't matter if they have happy or scary emotions on them. Not only lego characters even other toys are scary for example angry birds. If the researchers think that lego faces are harming children's health, why not does he say that the shooting games kids play in childhood also harms children's developing?

To sum up, if this statement is true and I am wrong, yes the angry faces of lego harms children's developing then why doesn't the government ban lego character. Why doesn't researchers protest against is it, because there is no such as thing that small plastic toys can harm children's developing.

In summary, I would like to say it again that this topic is...