The Leipzig String Quartet

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Art 1010

Professor: Erwin Gelber

Name of the performing group: The Leipzig String Quartet

Date, time and location of the performance: March 13, 2005 at St. Johnsbury Middle school

Type of concert: Classical

Start time and end time of the concert: 7:00PM to 9:30PM

The Leipzig String Quartet

Listening to their music was kind of like eavesdropping on a private fireside serenade. That is, camping in the woods next to a fireside and very secretly listening to a serenade. It was extraordinarily impressive. The Leipzig String Quartet musicians handled their individual roles with tremendous confidence. They played beautifully, with impeccable intonation and ensemble, unanimity of spirit, and infectious enjoyment of the music and the collaboration. They also played very well technically and with great seriousness and style. The music had perfectly controlled pacing and dynamics. Moreover, their tone is beautiful, pure and adaptable, their sense of style is unerring, their expressiveness simple, direct, and strongly felt.

The program

The classical orchestra program was made up of three sections. The first section was quartet opus 18, no.6 composed by Ludwig van Beethoven. The Beethoven string quartets bring together the works of Opus 18, usually described as his early quartets. One of the works of Opus 18 was allegro. In fact, during the string quartet each instrument was used distinctively. The tone color of the violin was distinctly secondary to other musical elements. Moreover, there seemed to be greater variety of tone color and more rapid changes of color. Dynamics had great contrasts of loud and soft. Tempo seemed fairly fast and urgent through some pieces. Their Op. 18 seemed quite strong, Excitement is seldom lacking. Emotionally, they heat up quickly.

The second section was quartet no.2 op.13 composed by Felix Mendelssohn. Each instrument included bold contrasts and adventurous harmonies. Allegro...