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Lemurs Madagascar is the fourth largest island. It is home to main different species of lemurs. They live in the dry woodlands and deserts. Lemurs have fox like faces and ring like tails. Twelve million people live in Madagascar and most of them are poor. Lemurs are threatened largely because their habitats are being destroyed. People in Madagascar cut down the rainforests and forests for wood and so they are able to farm. Deforestation is still threatening their survival today. Lemurs were named by early Europeans because of their shining eyes.

Some characteristics that make lemurs primates are that they live in trees. Also primates have strong hands with long fingers and opposable thumbs that can grasp branches. Primate arms can move freely around the shoulder joint. This movement enables primates to swing from hand to hand while climbing. The eyes are positioned in the front of the face, allowing the primate to judge distances accurately.

Primates have complex social behaviors and take very good care of their young for a long time after birth.

Ring-tailed lemurs hold strong ground in southwest Madagascar. They are the size of a cat and have a highly developed sense of smell. These lemurs inhabit all the levels of the forest. Once an infant is three or four months old, they ride on their mother's back. Ring-tailed lemurs have the agility to climb trees. They have a distinctive shriek. Ring-tailed lemurs live in social groups, which include six males, eight females, four juveniles, and four babies. They have a scent gland on their wrists and chest thus they can mark where they have been.

The sportive lemur has seven different species. It earned its name because when it is threatened, it puts its hands up like a boxer. These lemurs live on the...