Lenin and the downfall of the Romanov Dynasty

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In my Investigation I have researched the role of Vladimir Lenin in the decline and downfall of the Romanov Dynasty. Lenin was clearly guilty in contributing to their downfall and their murder.

Vladimir Ilich Ulianov (Lenin) was born in 1870. From an early age he participated in radical movements. His elder brother, Aleksander, was executed in 1887 for being a member of an organisation that planned to assassinate the Tsar. Lenin was sentenced to 3 years in exile for agitating amongst workers.

When Lenin was released from exile he moved to Germany where he wrote books and journals calling for revolution. Lenin wrote his views down in a book called "What is to be done?" which was published in 1902. His book called for the creation of a disciplined, centralised party which had professional revolutionists who were dedicated to the overthrow of the Tsarist regime. This book has been said to be the most influential publication in pre-revolutionary Russia.

During his years in exile he formed the Socialist Democratic Labour Party (called the Bolsheviks) and led and directed his party writing newspaper articles and policy decrees (see note 1).

When Lenin got back from exile in April 1917, the popularity of the Bolsheviks increased, especially amongst groups of workers and soldiers. In August 1917 the Kornilov revolution failed due to the extreme efforts of the Bolsheviks, whose influence over workers proved essential in stopping the movement of soldiers. Kornilov surrended and was relieved of his position. The Bolsheviks position immensely strengthened within the country.

By September 1917 increasing numbers of socialists and lower class Russians thought the Provisional Government wasn't interested in their needs or interests. Lenin ordered his followers in Russia not to support the government as the Socialist revolution was on its way. The Bolsheviks were the only...