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I still remember the long bus ride to the capital with my first grade class. I was so excited to see the beautiful gold domed building with magnificent marble floors and tall pillars.

The first thing I did when I got off of the bus was to look for the president; I was sure that I would see him here at this grand building. I actually thought that the president lived in Charleston, West Virginia (the capital of our state). Once I asked my teacher where he was, she gently told me that the president was in Washington; we were here to see the governor.

In my young mind I could easily equate the president and the governor together. There really didn't seem to be much difference between them, they were both important men. So no longer upset, I was ready to start my tour of the capital building.

I was positively floored by the beauty that met us at the door.

The expensive floors, the valuable paintings, the large offices, and the huge meeting rooms just beckoned me.

Once we had seen all of the building that our little legs would allow us, our teacher finally informed us that we would now be meeting the governor, Gaston Caperton. I was the last person to shake his hand, much to my dismay. As a last minute surprise, Mr. Caperton asked our class to pose for a picture with him ,and I got to stand directly beside the governor. I knew right at that moment that I wanted to do just what the governor did. I wanted to help take care of our beautiful state in any way that I possibly could. That is why I want to major in political science in college.

Political science students learn how to think...