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Leo Buscaglia's book, Living, Loving, & Learning, has many major themes which you can relate to your life in the past, present and future. I was able to reflect back on some of the experiences I have had in my life, so far, with some of Buscaglia's. These experiences have had major impacts on my life growing up, being the person I am today, as well as looking into the future to distinguish what I would like to become. Leo's book makes you recognize things you don't like about yourself, how you can improve your life, and the way you live.

The first discussion that caught my eye was how Leo was always bringing up his family. Leo grew up in a real "Italian" family that lived in the ghetto, but was quite beautiful in his eyes. In his undersized town, everyone knew everyone else. Leo states, "Everyone cared about everybody.

The closeness." Pg.23. This statement caught my attention because in so little words he states so much. Leo's family was enormous, but carried along the Italian traditions of always being so close, showing the love they have towards each other at all times, and wine being the main thing. Always having wine at all times and being stoned was part of Leo's family. During his family gatherings he talks about how it takes 45 minutes to say hello to everyone and 45 minutes to say goodbye to everyone because of all the hugging, kissing, and closeness that they share while seeing each other during the holidays. When they had dinner, there was always too much food on the table. Piles and piles of green beans always on the table and just so much food to even think it could be finished.

Towards the end of the book, Leo...