Leonardo Da Vinci

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Leonardo da Vinci The artist of the Renaissance that I like the most is Leonardo da Vinci.

I think that he is one of the most fascinating and unique artists of this period. I think that His paintings demonstrated his artistic gifts, some of his paintings are so unique and Mysterious that they are known worldwide, and I especially like the details that he puts Into his paintings.

I believe that one of the best painters that have ever existed is Leonardo da Vinci.

Leonardo put a lot of though in each and every one of his paintings. I was truly shocked When I read that Leonardo was not only interested in art. He was also interested in Engineering, mechanics, anatomy, biology, mathematics, and physics.

It is truly amazing to me that such an extraordinary artist was not only passionate in his Art pieces, but he also took the time and interest in other fields as well.

I also found out That he did not only created paintings; he also painted portraits, designed festivals, Projected monuments and he was even an architectural advisor to king Frances of France.

However, I think that his paintings are the ones that have had a greater impact on us. In A lot of his paintings he shows that he had a great imagination and that he knew how to Place every thing in the right place to generate a painting that created the impact that he Wanted to create. He analyze the structure of the surface to see how things would function Better. For example, he strategically place rocks, the flow of water, action of lights, the transmission of energy, and even the growth of plants. All this and many other things shows the great artistic gifts that Leonardo da Vinci had...