Leonardo Da Vinci

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Leonardo Da Vinci

Leonardo da Vinci was born in 1452 in the little town of Vinci. He was the son of Master Piero, a public painter and highly sciled, and his companion Caterina. Not much is known aboud Leonardos child hood but we do know that he was not permited to live with his family untill the age of 12. He then moved in and lived with his grand parents and father. There his father married the first of his four wifes. When he was 17, Leonardo moved with his father to Florence, where Leonardo apprenticed to Verrocchio, there Leonardos awsome art ability soon shone over that of his father.

In 1472 Leonardo became a member of the painter's guild of Florence. Where he spent most of his time studying and paing. Then in 1476 he was denounced by the Night Watch, but was acquited of the charge of immoral conduct.

One of his most popular early works, "The Adoration of the Magi," was painted in 1481 for the Monastery of San Donato a Scopeto as an altar piece. It was never finished because of his departure for Milan, where he offered his services to Duke Ludovico il Moro. He worked on the Duomo in Milan and the Duomo and Castle in pavia; and painted the Madonna of the Rocks and the Last Supper in 1497. He also set up festivals for the Duke and claimed to be an expert in military engineering.

In 1499 Ludovico il Moro fled Milan ahead of invading French troops. The Gascon bowmen of Louis XII used Leonardo's model for the equestrian statue of Francesco Sforza for target practice. Soon afterwards, Leonardo left Milan inspite of the evident good-will of the French authorities.

During the next few years, Leonardo wandered from Mantua, in the court...