Leonardo Da Vinci, where would we be without him?

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Leonardo Da Vinci Then and Now

Leonardo Da Vinci was a man ahead of his time that made huge differences in the way that this world has developed. He was a man of many trades, which through the years he mastered such as, a very skilled inventor, painter, scholar, scientist, writer, and anatomist. Without his innovative ideas and inventions I don't know where we would be today.

He was born 1452 to an illegitimate son of a lawyer and a peasant. That did not slow him down at all; when he was in his early twenties he opened his own shop where he could do his work. One thing that he was famous for which may not of been a good thing was that he started more work than he ever finished. Somehow he must have done a good job at his shop because he was so successful that he became apprenticeship of Lorenzo de'Medici, the powerful ruler of Firenze.

For some reason the two did not get along very well, mainly because Lorenzo demanded that he finish his projects. Da Vinci did not like this so he left Lorenzo and went to Milan. Once in Milan Da Vinci became under the apprenticeship of another man named Sforzas. There he was able to work without deadlines and people telling him how to run his show. There he worked for many years, until the French invaded when he then served under Francis the 1st where he remaind until his death in 1519.

Some of his most famous paintings are the Mona Lisa, The Last Super and Virgin of the Rocks. By far his greatest work was his notebooks on which he wrote his one and only book The Painter as well as a whole pile of notes on technology, science,