"Les Miserables": A Film Critique.

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"Les Miserables : The Legend Comes to Life"- based on the novel by the French writer Victor Hugo ; directed by Bilk August; starring Nam Nalson as Jean Valjean, Geoffrey Rush as Inspector Javert, Uma Thurman as Fantine, and Claire Danes as Cosette; produced by Mandalay Entertainment Columbia Pictures.

The story is about the main character Jean Valjean, an ex-convict and a former Mayor of Vigau. It illustrates the way people face the consequences of what they do. In this story, Jean Valjean was too coward facing life in jail. He had always attempted to escape. The story ends when inspector Javert decided to set Jean Valjean free even it was unacceptable to the law. With this, Javert killed himself knowing nothing of how to solve his problem.

"Les Miserables" is an outstanding film. It gives life lessons to people and it shows some situations still applicable to the present time.

Some French accents may hinder the viewers in understanding the story. The movie may have started the boring way, but as the movie goes on, it becomes more and more interesting. The backround music was the number one factoe that made the movie so much interesting.

Without the love scenes of Marius and Cosette, the wars of the rebels, the movie might have been a very boring film. Marius' handsome face and Cosette's angelic beauty caught the attention of most teenagers. The wars of the rebels caught the attention of everyone! Thus, the movie could be watched and enjoyed by everyone.