Les Paul The Inventor Of The Century.

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Lester William Polfus (Les Paul) invented multi-track recording in 1929, after he invented the electric solid body guitar in the late 1928, this allowed musicians to join separate lines of music and lyrics to be blended into one, with sound on sound which evolved into overdubbing and reverb effects in recording and multi-tracking(adding separate parts on the tape or CD at the same time), this made recording possible without stopping and re-taping the whole song, now the music industry relies on his inventions starting with the solid body guitar and then multi-track taping evolving on to the 8-track, and now CD. As a young inventor, he was always interested in things he took apart a piano when he was 7(1922), to find a sound, put it back together and was always curious about sounds and vibrations. At this time he wasn't even a musician.

Playing at a barbeque stand: He sung into the telephone, hook it up to the radio (a P.A.

system), playing guitar (told his guitar was not loud enough)The next day: had 1 telephone, 2 radios and his guitar. Hook the telephone up to the one radio for the vocals, took the needle of the record player hooked it up to the guitar and the radio and here is the first amplifier. (Before the age of 10)

His invention of the P.A. system and the amp lead into the recording machine, he got a job to make an advertisement on the local radio, and said he had to record this. He did this by getting a balanced record player getting a motor and hooking it up to the belt, and then scratching in the groves of the record, but he learned he could scratch more than one tracks.

Now Les Paul lives in Manhattan and...