Lesbianism...why are you afraid of it?

Essay by salma April 2003

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Why have I chosen a provocative topic to research on? Simple. Because I am one. The reason why I chose it is because I want people to understand and not judge it without knowing anything about it. Therefore this whole assignment will be discussing on the true facts of being a lesbian.

Lesbian refers to a woman whose primary emotional and sexual relationships are with other women. The meaning of the term lesbian is neither fixed nor permanent but has undergone and will continue to undergo redefinition over time.

What is lesbianism? Why I'm asking this is to give a scientific and personal account in hope one would get a better understanding what it is to be a lesbian.

Why does the discrimination against lesbianism exist? The aim of this question is to make one aware that discrimination is derived and grows from ones fear of the things unknown.

What can I do if I'm discriminated against? The question highlights legal implications of discriminating another on their basis of sexuality.


As I mentioned earlier I am one and as such I have experienced discrimination. Discrimination regardless of the basis of it has only leave negative implications. It is important for me to know what kind of a protection I have in case such situations ever occur again.


Research on lesbianism was conducted through the internet. I will firstly use the easiest way to conduct my research which is through the internet. It is the easiest way because I don't have to go anywhere. Just a click away and my information will appear before my eyes. But although there is an extensive resource online, it is hard to just get the specifics of what you want. For example, there would be loads and loads of articles on lesbianism but when you are searching the answer to your question, it is hard work.


Because I don't have a car, therefore this might restrict my ability to go to other libraries other than Curtin Library. Materials available in the Curtin library are not of great relevant. They do not address the question that I have opposed as they generally emphasize on how to become one rather than on the issues of this of lesbianism.