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Subject: Drill Topic: Right & Left turns on the halt PO/EO: 401.09 Instructor: Cpl Oram References: Drill Manual Review- Attention Order- Standing easy Movement- The movement is left and right turns on the halt. This is important for marching and, proper drill.

PO Check- Oral and Practical Demonstrate- 1. 2IC will demonstrate right and left turn with timing.

2. 2Ic will demonstrate right and left turns using squads and timing.

Explain- Squad 1: - command "SQUAD, MOVE TO THE RIGHT(or left.), RIGHT TURN, SQUAD ONE!" - Body at a 90 degrees - Right foot completely on the ground while left foot has the toes on ground and the heel in the air.

- Arms tight to the side as if at attention Squad 2: - command " SQUAD 2!" -Left foot comes up 15cm off the ground -Arms still tight to the side Squad 3: - command "SQUAD 3!" - Left foot bangs down - Cadet is at position of attention Full movement - command "SQUAD, MOVE TO THE RIGHT(or left), RIGHT TURN!" - timing "TURN 2,3, BANG" -Squad 1, 2, and 3 are combinded Execute- 1.

Movement in squads with everybody calling out timing 2. Full movement with everybode calling out timing 3. Full movement with squad calling out timing 4 Full movement with no one calling out timing Repeat- Till standard is met - Quiz cadets orally and practically Restate- MTP's, movement and reasons Remotivate- Positive or constructive critisism State- Met standered or not State- Cpl Tupling with open and close order march