Lesson plan on verbs for junior school

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Level: class 2

Topic: Verbs

No. of students: 18

Time: 40minutes

Material: Related flash cards to action words, chart papers, worksheets


The students will be able to:

1. Know the definition of Verb

2. Identify Verbs and know the use of them

Skills: Listening, speaking, writing and reading


Presentation stage: (warm up)

1. The teacher enters the class and greets the students.

2. The teacher starts off the discussion about the weekend.

She elicits information from the students about their weekend and what did she do in particular on the weekend

3. She discusses the birthday parties and gifts.

4. She starts with wrapping a gift which she learnt to do on weekend.

5. She starts wrapping it and names the different action words she is doing step-by-step.

6. Then she quickly makes the class repeat the action words she has used and write them on the board.

7. Then she defines that these words are called verbs.

8. Then she asks the students to complete an interesting story by showing them the pictures of clever mice

9. She asks the students to fill the blanks and complete the story by giving orally action words appropriate to complete the story.

Practice (While stage)

Recognizing the actions

1. The teacher pastes a chart paper with different flash cards of action words on the board and then she calls the students one by one to come forward and pick up a strip of verb placed inside a box lying on the table and make them paste the strip in front of the right action.

Matching the pictures with sentences

2. The teacher divides the class in the groups of six and gives the students chart papers of different colors and different sentences

3. Students will be asked to paste...