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PLANNING LESSONSTwo major principles behind good lesson planning are variety and flexibility.

Variety, because we need to involve students in a number of different activities and introduce them to a wide selection of materials. This will mean not only interesting classes, but also greater exposure to the language and improving our sts' ability to cope with English in different situations.

Flexibility, because all experienced teachers know that sometimes what you put in paper is not working for that class, on that particular day. So you will need to be able to change your plan! Flexibility is the characteristic we would expect from a genuine teacher.

In all your classes there should be work on the four skills, even if you are going to focus just on one or two of them in that class.

There should be presentation, controlled practice, roughly-tuned input and communicative activities.

PRESENTATION OF THE WEEKLY PLANNING:Your presentation should answer these questions (although it shouldn't look like a questionnaire being answered!):1.

What will my sts know, be able to do, or feel at the end of the class, that they didn't or weren't before the class?2. How am I going to present the new lesson or structure? Not only description of the technique, but also, what language should I and what shouldn't I use? If it is a grammar structure, to what extent should I explain the rules, and what shouldn't I reveal at this point? If I'm not telling them everything, am I making it easier for me or their future teachers the learning of what is left?3. What kind of mistakes, or misunderstandings, can arise from what I'm going to teach? How am I going to cope with them? Am I going to anticipate them, or point them out later, or wait until they...