A Lesson Well Learned

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A Lesson Learned Well It is the night of the Academy football game, and I just got my car a month ago. I made plans to meet Danielle, Scott, and Christina before the game starts to grab a bite to eat.

"Be at Herbert's Mart at seven o'clock and we will all go to the game together," said Danielle.

I stopped to pick up Christina on my way to town. She was telling me about a party that would be at Dyess Bridge. From what I understood form Christina, nobody was going to be at the game and most of our friends was going to be at the party.

"Maybe we should skip the game, and go to the party like our friends," Christina said.

I could tell that she really wanted to go to the party and I'm not really one for a football game. The only reason for going to any games is mainly to socialize with friends.

Since our friends were going to be at the party, we should follow the crowd and go to the party. At the moment it made since to me, then we talked to Danielle. She was not too happy when we told her our plans.

"What goes on at those parties's that could possibly be cool?" she asked. "Following the crowd and hanging out with a bunch of alcoholics is not very smart, and that is what all the people out there do. They are either high as a kite or drunk as my Aunt Rose. I do not think it would be a good idea to go." Christina was still dead set on going to the party, but I was beginning to have doubts. What if the cops come out there or my parents find out. I still wanted to go though, so I came up with a good idea.

"Danielle," I replied, "I will drop Christina off at the party and I will meet you at the game later." "You are not leaving me at the party by myself," Christina stated.

"I will stay at the party with you until halftime. Then, we can go to the game after we make our dramatic entrance, and say that we have another party we have to go to. That way we will not be considered lame," I told her.

"I will call you whenever it is halftime," said Scott.

Christina and I arrived at the party. We talked to a lot of our friends, and met some new friends.

"What is that?" I asked Christina.

"It is a Bud Light," she replied. "Do you want one? There is some guy over by the cooler passing out beer. He seems to be really messed up in the head." I know I should not have been drinking, but all of my other friends were drinking. I thought why not have a few beers. What harm could it cause? I was feeling out of place anyway. After my eighth beer, it started to rain outside.

"Maybe we should head back to town, Christina?" I asked.

"I guess it is getting late. Besides we promised to meet Danielle and Scott," she replied. "Are you alright to drive? I know that I am about wasted." "Sure, I haven't had that many to drink," I said.

On our way back to town the rain began to slack up. The curb up ahead was really sharp, and I lost control of the car. I began to fishtail on the road, and before I realized what was happening, I hit two trees at opposite ends of my car.

"Are you alright, Christina?" I asked.

"I am just a little shook up. Are you aright?" Christina asked.

"I am fine, but my car is not!" I stated. "My dad is going to throw a fit when he finds out." As it turns out, I was grounded for about four months. Christina was only grounded for two months. I had to get a job just to pay for the repairs on my car. I learned my lesson and I am going to be the designated driver for the rest of my teenage years.