A lesson well learned.

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A lesson well learned.

At the age of twenty, it seemed as if Chad would never have good luck. His

father was an abusive alcoholic whose problems kept Chad from graduating from

high-school. He had to help support his family, and his younger brother wasn't able

to help because of an emergency brain surgery to remove a tumor at the age of

fifteen. Each day that passed seemed to bring nothing more than bad luck. He soon

came to find out that his sister was pregnant and he knew that that would be

another mouth to help feed.

Seeing Chad's dilemma his uncle offered him a job at the family jewelry

store carving waxes. He was so excited because he knew he had a real talent in art

work. It seemed as if his luck was beginning to rise. He was designing custom rings,

and learning all of the trickiest techniques of designing jewelry and setting

diamonds. The money he was earning was great. He was able to support his family

and still have enough left over to buy himself a car.

The extra money and the freedom that came with having a car ended up not

being a good thing for him. He still had to deal with his father, and in order to

escape from his life at home he turned to alcohol and drugs. Chad began hanging out

with people who weren't the best influence for him. One evening after having a

great deal to drink, he decided to head home. Because drinking and driving don't

mix, his reflexes weren't what they should have been. While changing lanes he

didn't see the motorcyclist next to him. The impact was so bad that his car was

totaled, and the motorcyclist he hit died a couple hours...