Lessons learned from the holocaust

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Can the Holocaust be defined? The Holocaust is defined in the Merriam-Webster Dictionary as the deliberate and systematic killing of European Jews and others by the Nazis in World War II. It not only killed and scarred the bodies and minds of many people, but it also taught and is still teaching us that we must never forget what happened, that we must respect and provide for each other because we are a people, and that we as a world must stay strong and continue to grow.

We are still learning to understand that we must never forget what happened. If we do forget it, we will then be destined to repeat it. We must remember the way that people were made to feel inhuman by being thrown in concentration camps and treated as though they were prisoners. We must also remember how fathers were forced to rape daughters and sons forced to rape mothers.

In remembering this we begin to see that the mistreatment of others will only bring suffering upon them, which will eventually bring suffering upon those who mistreat them.

We are learning more and more each day that we need to respect and provide for each other because we as a world are a people. Instead of treating people as if they are peasants because they are not like us, we are beginning to respect them. Many people are taking the initiative to help provide for those who are in need with the understanding that they would receive the same in return. We are slowly coming together by accepting one another. We are beginning to try and understand a person before we judge them. We are no longer using stereotypes as something to help justify the way we treat people, but as a reason to get...