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The clock is flashing, the alarm is sounding, and all you want to do is fall back into your dream. Suddenly your fifteen minutes behind schedule and the whole world is flipped upside down. You run out the door without your morning cup of “Joe.” Today is the wrong day to be this tired. So, you stop by your local coffee shop to get that extra pick me up. Of course you order the boldest coffee. Like a majority of consumers, you think that bolder coffee has more caffeine than other drinks. The truth is you’re wrong.

I’m not trying to tell you that bold coffee has a low content of caffeine. What I am saying is that our society holds a few delusions about coffee and its caffeine content. The misconceptions of caffeine in coffee range from decaf to espresso. Our mistaken beliefs about coffee range across the board.

The truth is I didn’t know any better myself. Not until recently, when I broke into the coffee industry. I too was misled. I had the impression that espresso based drinks had the most amount of caffeine. I would find myself ordering Lattes and any other espresso based drinks whenever I needed a boost.

There are many misleading notions about coffee. I think the biggest shocker I had was decaf coffee. I thought that decaf brewed coffee meant that it had no caffeine. I was spellbound to find that I was wrong. I have come to find that decaf coffee contains about .7 mg per ounce. By international coffee standards the amount of caffeine in decaf coffee has to be 1% or less. Though it’s a small amount, it still exists. I’m sure that I’m not the only one who assumed it had none.

Another assumption made about coffee is...