Let me get a car!

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Wouldn’t you like to have more free time and not have to constantly have to drive my brother and I around? If so, you should permit me to have full access to the family car. You will have much more free time. I can take care of more chores needed to be done around the house with the use of an automobile. With the use of a car, I can also provide transportation for My brother. I also believe I am trustworthy and responsible to have this privilege. There will be many benefits if you allow me the right to utilize the family car.

The most important advantage of granting me use of the family car will be saving you’re time. You will no longer have to drive me anywhere. When I need to go to my job, you will not have to drop me off everyday and waste half an hour driving me back and forth.

I can also keep the car filled with oil and I will maintain the car itself. Whether the car needs a car wash or needs to be taken to a mechanic, I will take care of it.

Moreover, with the aid of a car, I will be able to accomplish more tasks needed to be done around the house. When we need groceries or need to return movies from Blockbuster, I will be able to have them done without disturbing you. I strongly believe it will make your live easier and relaxing. I will be able to handle errands necessary for the household to run from day to day. As a result, you will have more time to do work and not need to stay up late.

Along with that, you will not need to worry about having to give...