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Problem Definition

Faith Community Hospital is facing numerous issues as the staff and management have fused their religious beliefs with their work. Clearly, the purpose and the meaning of the mission statement has not been communicated to every employee of the organization. As a result, the hospital has run into numerous problems. We would first have to list these problems before identifying solutions for implementation.

1. Even though the hospital is non-profit, the costs are increasing which makes it more difficult for the hospital to pay its bills. The problem is aggravated by the reduction in the number of patients.

2. The hospital name and its mission clearly signify the spiritual value and heritage and hence it is understandable that most of the patients and the staff have the same value. However, these beliefs should not be allowed to blend in with the service that is provided or received. This major issue has resulted in social organizations threatening to file charges.

3. The hospital also does not seem to have standard operating procedures. Staff not following DNR directive, pharmacists filing uninsured prescriptions and accepting payment in installments, counselors treating clients' pro-bono - unauthorized, fruitless examinations for terminally ill patients are examples support the non-availability of proper procedures.

4. The hospital also lacks proper performance evaluation and feedback. Had this existed, people would not be repeating their mistakes repeatedly.

The Faith Community Hospital is facing challenges for survival in its business. The hospital has to evaluate their financial and economic status. Their moral standard needs evaluation. Overall, the hospital performance needs evaluated.

Decision-making Technique

The best way to diagnose the problem and provide a solution is using the cause-effect diagram (fishbone diagram). The discussion with the CEO could be considered a brainstorming session and that has resulted in the identification of...