Let it Rain on ME

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Running head: RAIN

It is Pouring Down Rain On Me

Lee Johnston III

Critical Thinking and Computer Logic

Mr. Ken Murphy

March 10, 2004

It is Pouring Down Rain On Me

There are rising issues that are facing all of the operations with the Faith Community Hospital. This includes the administrative personnel to the doctors and nurses. These individuals have abandoned the plan and range of the foresight. With all the different types of agendas that are being introduced in the daily operations on a day to day basis. This has become an extremely complicated assignment for the administrative group along with the countless members of help to maintain an efficient hospital. The obvious failure of unity is tearing our communications of Faith Community apart. The principle of this examination is to take in hand the diverse situations that are facing the management staff at this particular hospital along with what proceedings should be taken to tackle the tribulations.

When talking about these concerns, the investigation will also undertake the managerial processes, moral issues, and the communications infrastructure that are utilized by the hospital personnel.


Presently, there is a broad assortment of concerns that are plaguing the hospital's capability to administrate and continue its day by day functions. These concerns have become interwoven into the day by day operations that the permanence of the medical center is in danger. I have found that there are three foremost concerns that must be addressed and are presently carrying out the in-house procedure of this medical facility. The workers give good reason for his or her proceedings by means of his or her individual deposit of ideas and principles, which she or he would agree to, speak his or her distinctive routines at a medical facility. The staff has on its own...