Let them wed: Gay Marriage, Same sex marriage

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The debate on whether homosexuals should wed has been going on for more than 10years now and yet, a verdict has not been reached. Personally, I feel that it's not up to the state or non-homosexuals to decided, because how can we possible know what it in their hearts, how can I a non-homosexual no what is best for a homosexual? That just doesn't make sense and furthermore how can we make a choice on a matter as serious as other people's feelings? I don't think the government or non-homosexual have the right to make a choice on whether homosexuals should marry and if they did I think the answer should be yes, because who are to deny them the right to wed? They are no less human than you or I nor are they inferior because they choose to marry members of the same sex so therefore why can't they marry? In order to reinforce the strength of the arguments for Homosexual marriage I am going to also consider the weaknesses associated with the arguments against this type of marriage.

Perhaps the strongest argument in favour of gay marriage is the need for an equal, just and free society. Why should two consenting adults be denied the rights given to other consenting adults purely on the basis of their sex? Another argument is that marriage is defined as a union between a man and a woman and cannot therefore be associated with same-sex couples. So, for the sake of the argument, homosexual couples may live together and love one another but cannot be 'married'. But why is that? The real essence of marriage is a binding contract between two people to take on special obligations towards one another. Why should homosexual couples who are willing to take on these...