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June 26 2013

Dear Ms. Calle

While reading, Life, the Universe and Everything Else , by Adam Douglas, my mind has opened. I find myself always thinking about how or lives decisions and futures affect us as a society. This book has taught me that every little event, that seems like the end of the universe to us is really insignificant. We are so microscopic compared to the universe. I now look at my actions not as how it affects me, but how it affects others. So in Arthur's view everyone thinks earth an earthlings are stupid and worthless. Arthur as an individual wants to show the universe that he is not dumb and untalented. He shows this by saving the world, not once but twice. So in our case with a society that thinks your worthless, you want to prove that you are a powerful person. I really feel that by reading this book and analyzing quote I have gained a new way of looking of things.

The toughest part of this project is that I procrastinated. I honestly started the weekend before it was due, I didn't read the book until the last minute after. Ethical issues was the hardest of the eight because it forced me to think in two perspectives. I had to contemplate an ideal that was b ias e d towards one perspective. Thinking about how the other character felt when the book was fixated on how the other character was wrong and how that character felt. The part of the project that I thought I did well on was theme. I thought I did well on theme because I thought very hard about what the author was putting out there as well as now I felt about...