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Dear Dean, Sorry it has been so long, but I have been busy at school. I have some strange stuff to tell you. My friend James is having an affair with my teacher Miss Jessie.

You see it all started about two weeks ago, when I was at school, and James said that Miss Jessie had given him the wrong notes, and he failed the test They went to the office to sort it out, but James was proven wrong. He then had to go to her house to make an apology for the wrong doing. At this point he already had a girlfriend called Catherine. As far as I know, they started dating in school.

As I was in detention with James on Friday, I noticed that Miss Jessie and James were whispering about something, but all I heard was "my house" and "7 o'clock". At the time I was unaware of what was going on, so I asked him and he acted like he didn't know what I was talking about.

After a few days he was getting better grades. I later heard that Miss Jessie was caught holding hands with James, but it was only a rumour. He later confessed to me and told me he was dating both Catherine and Miss Jessie. I thought it was a bad idea, but kept it to myself.

Of course Catherine did not know about Miss Jessie. nor did Miss Jessie know about Catherine. Later that week, me and James went to Bayside, and he saw a ring in a window, and he rushed off to the A.T.M. machine to get money to buy the ring. The ring cost him R500,00.

After a short while James started ignoring Catherine because of his other interest i.e. Miss Jessie. Later on Catherine broke up with James, and she was history.

After a few close calls, Miss Jessie started getting nervous about this whole thing and wanted to break up with James. James did not feel the same about this, so he decided to threaten her, but she was not scared of him, and instead of getting into trouble, she laid a charge of sexual harassment against James. James was later found guilty and was later expelled from school. Miss Jessie continued her teaching career, but became celibate. James and his folks were so embarrassed that they moved to Alaska.

So how is that for a funny story. See you at the beach next week.

Your friend,