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Advertising in our society is an everyday occurrence. So much so, as we are watching television or listening to the radio our minds sometimes are not even registering that we are being coerced and enticed every second. Advertising has become a multibillion dollar industry and generates an immense amount of revenue.

Everything is advertised . Shoes, makeup, public servants, even colleges has succombed to this sometimes sleazy business.

The advertisement that generally appeal to me are those that stand out.

Usually the ones that do stand out are those that are very bright, or have a reputable product being marketed. But most of all I am immediately drawn into those that use celebrities.

Garnier hair products has kicked off a new campaign and my favorite, Sarah Jessica Parker (SJP) is their pick. This advertisement is filled with very light colors that softly envelop her face which is direct center. Her hair is flowing freely and for those of us who have hair we are immediately bought and sold.

The only words on the page are "my new favorite hair color".

SJP has made a new statement. With her rocket proppelling success on HBO's Sex and the City she has drawn in 10 million or so veiwers each week. At least 7 million or so are women. Those women who look at this show identify themselves as having the same characteristics as SJP's character Carrie Bradshaw has. Independent, successful, funny, and sophisticated will buy this product. Garneir has reported in Vougue's Feb. issue she has increased sales by 40%