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Dear Chris,

I am writing this letter to thank you for sponsoring Jacob the dog to "Home In Your Heart animal sanctuary" in Birmingham, your support and small donation will help Jacob a comfortable life.

I would also like to thank you for your appreciating donation of $ 2.50 a month. This small amount is used for further, care and concern for Jacob the dog. Your small donation has been helped Jacob an another change and stay a bit longer in this world.

Your kindly donation will be used to buy food, toys and all the loving care and concern Jacob need and to make Jacob happier and enjoyable life than the miserable life in the cold outdoor conditions. We rescued him from a street, left behind by his owner because he can't afford to look after him.

I have pleasure in enclosing a picture of Jacob and an information sheet containing about the upcoming opening day and animal show.

It will also have information about the new animal we rescued.

Yours Faithfully,

Home In Your Heart Animal Sanctuary,

Anne Boyce