A letter to Bigger Thomas from The Native Son, by Wright.

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Dear Bigger Thomas,

I have been reading your case, and I was left stunned to the capability to your behavior and handling tight situations. When you killed Mary I understand you did unknowingly but what exactly got in your head to cut her head off so she would be able to fit in the furans? Even thou you handled the situation with much calmness, but you still ended up killing your girlfriend Bessie. That is when I realized you are a cold blood killer, and hoped you would get what is coming to you.

It seems to me that you only care about Bigger Thomas and no one else but Bigger Thomas. Even when Mary and Jan tried opening to you, you brushed it off, because of your massive prejudice for white America. During your case Jan come to you and says, "Let me be on your side, Bigger.

I can fight this thing with you, just like you've started it. I can come from all those white people and stand here with you. Listen, I got a friend, a lawyer. His name is Max. He understands this thing and wants to help you. Won't you talk to him?"(288) Here Jan tries to help you, and what did you do try to brush it off again and tell him you can not be helped. However, this was one of the few situations where you accepted Max's help because you knew you had no other option.

When you were discussing your case with Max, you revealed a lot of startling information. When Max was asking you the motive behind killing Bessie, you replied, "To keep her from talking. Mr. Max, after killing that white woman, it wasn't hard to kill somebody else. I didn't have to think much about...