Letter to Congress; Teen Driving Laws.

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Dear Representative Marsico:

There has been some talk about a request on not having more than one teenager under the age of 18 in one car a law. If that happens, our taxes will have to pay for more roads and more public transportation. We would also need to build bigger parking lots for shopping centers, mall centers, entertainment centers, etc. The school buses will be packed and will not be able to fit all the students who road home with their friends. We will be wasting natural resources like gas and oil and cause more polution to the enviornment.

I am understanding why this request would be passed. It is believed that the accident rates would go down. But in realality, more cars equal more accidents. People would get fustrated beause it would take them hours to get to somewhere that would normally take them 30 minutes. Yes, there are many teens that take risks when they drive.

But, there are also many adults who take that risk too. There are teens that are responsible drivers too. I believe that there are more responsible driver than there are not.

If this request is not passed into a law, teenagers would save gas, cause less polution and cause less traffic.

Thank you for your time and consideration in this manner. Please think twice before passing this law.


Victoria M. Portnaya