Letter Correspondence with Li a Chinese girl!

Essay by Eggy November 2004

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Before you read my letter I would like to explain to you what it is. A girl from China, Li, once wrote a letter to Seventeen Magazine saying and I quote "I believe Chinese people are smarter than the others". As soon as I read it, I decided to let her know what my opinion was. Hope you agree with me!

Hey Li!

I was just browsing the website that seventeen magazine has, and I read the statement you made, that Chinese people are smarter. I thought that was an interesting belief so I decided to respond to it. I am originally from Albania, in Eastern Europe. Recently I moved to United States. In Europe school was much harder and challenging that it is here. When this topic comes up in some of the immigrants "get together" discussions, we "Europeans" are always considered the smarter ones, but personally I don't think there is such a group of nationality or religion or country that is more intelligent than any other one.

I think people have the capability of being smart or not so intelligent. It is not very logical to think that a certain culture has more intellectual people than another one. That's just being judgmental! The only reason I believe Chinese people have proved to be more prepared in many things is because the level of education in Chinese is more challenging at earlier grades than it is in other places. You might be arguing that the technology has developed more and that the Chinese people have contributed more to it. That is true but that doesn't necessarily mean that Chinese people are geniuses and therefore more intelligent than the others. Don't take it personally. You might be a very bright young lady, and I totally respect that, but...