Letter To Dwight D. Eisenhower

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May 28, 2002 President Dwight D. Eisenhower 1600 Pennsylvania Lane Washington D.C.

Dear Sir: I find it necessary to write you this letter informing you on the great mistakes that Senator Joseph McCarthy is making in accusing so many people for conspiring with communists and supporting communist Ideas. It is one thing to accuse people of something, but it is another to publicly criticize them of maliciously infiltrating the United States government. Obviously, by now you understand that I do not stand for what Senator McCarthy is doing with the people he is trying for treason. It is so unfortunate that his popularity is helping him in his quest to rid the government of alleged communists. His popularity has stopped many officials from questioning his ethics when it comes to criticizing the people he is accusing of having communist ties. I understand that he wants to instill fear in people to stop them from possibly sympathizing with communists, but along with feelings I see he may be doing this solely for the purpose of making a name for himself.

Mr. President, it is imperative that you remove that man from the position he is occupying before he brings this country down by turning its own occupants against each other. The sort of behavior relates directly to the Salem Witch Trials of the Seventeenth Century. His Witch-Hunt ideals are immoral and wrong. I also take issue with the fact that he doesn't give his accused a chance to defend themselves in court. Instead of following the proper preceding of the courtroom process, he breaks all the rules. How are people supposed to defend themselves when they are not allowed to speak? I am glad to hear that they are proposing to televise the upcoming trials against the United States Army. Maybe when people see that Joseph McCarthy is the mean fellow he truly is, he will lose the support of the American People.