Letter to a Friend.

Essay by MccaddenSucks August 2004

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By: Lee A. Zito

So I just watched Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind and its wierd, I always end up seeing you and me in everything. I miss talking to you, I miss everything. All the memories of stupid things.

The first time you ever called me. Remember that? I do vaguely... You sounded normal! Not like vampire guy haha... Remember that?

What else... Remember the drawing you did from that pic i scanned... The mercy kill picture? I wish i still had that. I wish I still had the picture of you in the ugly celebrate music shirt. It was white.

I imagine you sometimes and wonder what you're doing. You walking up and down new york. And I think what if you saw me, or i bumped into you. Remember? We used to talk about that all the time. What if we met on the street and we walked by each other.

Remember the perfect stick story and it turned out to be dog poop. Or when you told me you accidentally peed in your own mouth in the bathtub when you were little. Or how bout me being jealous of Melody, the horse girl. I bet you talk to her still. Now that i think about it i remember a lot more than i thought.

My ugly drawings that you thought were cool. Me waiting for you to call everynight and yelling "its about time!" when you finally called. You'd start singing "Good Night Sweetheart" and it made me want to throw up. You did have a cool voice.

Your obsession with ambience and your stubborness. Everyone was stealing your ideas remember? You always called me Lay Lay, and you snorted when you laughed. I miss that so much. I miss all of it.

I hate...