Letter to friend about Darwins theory.

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FYS 211, Michelle Hoffman

American University of Central Asia (2013)

Zhailoobek uulu Zholoman

Dear my friend! I am so glad for your interest of nature. Because our nature is so beautiful, great Kyrgyz poet Chyngyz Aitmatov was walking around our mountains and admiring the beauty of nature, which he wrote in his most poems. Therefore, your interest to nature generates to find answers to important questions about origins of species. Even though many people claim that Darwin's works have many negative approvals, I firmly convinced that many of the arguments are positive from the point of view science. There are many pessimistic views, which I will prove in otherwise.

The theory struggle for existence leads to progress. The main pessimistic view of theory struggle for existence is when species in nature always struggle for existence. To survive, species incessantly kill each other. There is no alternative way to live without.

In my opinion, it is good process when species do everything to survive. It makes them to prosper own abilities to survive in bad situations. Our nature is closely interrelated that one cannot live without the other. It is like a system that rotates like chain in nature. Cats eats mice, mice eats bees, and bees suck nectar from flowers. In this case, we can notice that in our nature by selecting way, only the strongest can survive. All species seek to become strong, making progress in nature. Not only animals occur this tendency, but also people occur. The main characteristics of the working class in companies must correspond to the huge level of education, abilities to create new ideas and rule with them. People also struggle for existence. They compete with each other to work in good companies, earn good money, and make progress in carrier. They are ready...