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Letter of intent The reason I applied to Dawson College is because I heard it had a great program and I heard great critics from previous students that attended. Since I want to get my D.E.C I want to proceed to university in Architecture of Interior of Design.

My educational background included my high school diploma at Laval Catholic high school and one semester in Visual arts at Dawson College.

Ever since I was a child I always liked the meaning of the word Color. It always gave me great excitement and the meaning to explore the word in real life. Ever since a couple of years back my parents give me the opportunity to decorate different rooms in my house and having the ability to use my imagination in Interior Design. My personal advice is when you have a particular object in the room you work around it, meaning you take the colors and the different motifs on the object to create the room and make it a better environment to live in.

One design style I like is the Feng Shui work it is a particular design that makes you feel you are in the room. With all the special harmonies you can actually make you think you are the object.

I come from a Italian background and father works in this field and by seeing him. I think it was him that inspired me into this occupation of interest. As a student I think that when you want something you do everything to achieve your expectations and since I stand on this hill I think I will do anything to achieve in this course no mater what it takes. I hope to explore the effects of using different color schemes and the dimensional way to...