A letter to Mary Seacole

Essay by WhatevaDude May 2006

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Dear Mary Seacole,

I really admire the work you did in the Crimean war; it was very brave of you to go to the front line and save lives. You were the only black nurse but you still did your job, you didn't care that people were mean about it you just did what you had come to do. All through the war you stayed at the front line, unlike Florence Nightingale who only did twice, you were a true hero in history and you are not appreciated enough.

You invented your own medicines and treated people with love, not just pillow and a warm bed.

Florence was meant to be a hero, and she was but she wasn't in with the action as much as she makes out to be. To save lives you have to be where there are lives to save, not standing around waiting.

In school we learn about white people, like Florence Nightingale but you were the one who set up a pharmacy and pub at the front line, you didn't shy away, you put others before yourself and that is a very big thing to do.

I think we should learn about you and others like you in schools because there are many great people we don't know about yet and it's up to us to seek them out.