Letter to negro parents chosing to go to trade school for the time of slavery instead of college.

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I am writing to you, because I have reached that point where I must choose the path that will take me through the rest of my life. I have come to realize after living with Aunt B. to fulfill my desire to learn, and after completing high school I am not satisfied with just my basic education. Going to school to learn the trades is now an obstacle I would like to face to better myself. After being forced to live with Aunt B. so I could attend an average high school, that is not only segregated but lower in value then that of the white school a few blocks down, I have come to realize that I must prove my self worth to both the black and white community. Trade schooling is the best way I see fit to accomplish this goal I have set for myself. While attending this all black school, we have learned a great deal about men who have spoken out for our race to make a difference.

Two men in particular have opened up my eyes to the world around me, and have made me realize what I as a member of my race need to do so that we some day may become equal, and be freed from the oppression we face. These two great men I speak about are Booker T. Washington, and W.E.B DuBois. Both of these men have made strides to better our race's respect in our communities. Yet both of these men have had different approaches. After comparing their approaches I reached the decision I hope you will, or I may persuade you to agree with. Going to school to study the trades and follow the approach of Mr. Washington is the best way I see fit to...