Letter to Pearl Dealer

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Dear Sr. Perla,

Let me explain, Sir, how I almost got the better of that poor, ignorant villager.

My strategy was originally as follows:

To tell him no market existed for his type of pearl. (He's an uneducated fool so I thought I would get away with this)

To persuade him I was doing him a favor by buying it as nobody else would

To tell him how ugly it was and how it would only be of value in a museum.

To offer him only 1,000 pesos for it as he wouldn't know how much it is actually worth.

The villager, Kino, didn't fall for this and I wasn't sure if the crowd was on my side. I decided to bring in the other dealers and told him to get other quotes. I did the usual scam by bringing in Enrique, Juan, and Joaquin. They all played their part to perfection as usual.

(You know you can trust us boss). Enrique said it was a 'monstrosity' and didn't want to see it. Juan said it is too chalky and that the pearl will die in a few months. Joaquin said that he would buy it for 500 pesos and could sell it to one of his clients for 600 pesos. I thought I had him with my 1,000 pesos offer but he just stood up and started to walk away. I tried to stop him by offering him 1,500 pesos but he just continued walking away.

However, I will not give up, I shall pursue him. Tomorrow, I will look for him in the village, my spies have already found out where he is living. When I see him I will offer him 5,000 pesos (although it is worth a lot more). I will tell him that...