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President Herbert Hoover The White House 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue Washington, D.C. 20500 March 1, 1932 Dear President Hoover: I am a humble man asking another humble man for help. We, the people of the United States, have suffered tremendously from this weak economic trend. Many are starving and homeless, poverty-stricken, diseased, and unemployed. We need you and the Federal Government to help us. Our government can help put people back to work. And yet, more importantly, you could create programs to help the people of America.

The Federal Government can create jobs to put people back to work. Government could create a vast variety of jobs for many people. Social workers, construction workers, and Army and Naval jobs are just a few. Banks need loans, and quickly. Many have had to close down because of the fall of the stock market. If you loan money to banks, the banks can pay people back their money, which in turn helps the people by giving them better opportunities.

Loaning money to failing businesses would help keep jobs open and give many other people their jobs back. And another way the Federal Government can help people get back to work is to create projects such as highways, buildings, and bridges. This would create many more jobs, thus helping Americans get money for food and shelter.

I believe the Federal Government should create programs that will help the needy. Government could send out unemployment checks to the people out of work so they can survive. A weekly sum to each American unemployed would keep some from starving and having no shelter. Just a little hike in the taxes for the rich would do the trick. Government should have a program where needy people could get a certain amount of food paid for by the government. Helping private charities such as The Red Cross and The Salvation Army with financial support would better the lives of many needy Americans. Also, giving government pensions to people who reach a certain age, would broaden the fight against poverty, unemployment, and boost the overall feeling and energy of citizens.

Again, I am a simple man asking you to lend a hand in the fight for a better America. We are homeless, starving, out of jobs, and support the needy. Not only does it help all of us, but also do you not have an election to campaign for next year? Accomplishing these things would greatly increase your chances of being elected. The Federal Government can help put people back to work. And the government can create programs and help for the needy. These can be done, and must be done for our sake, your sake, and America's sake.