Letter of recommendation for athletes

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391 Paseo Lindo

****,Ca 92084

March 28, 2003

To whom this may concern:

Your name is a special young man. He has overcome many obstacles to become a person I greatly admire. **** is courteous, intelligent, dependable, diligent, a self- starter and a greatful young man. His accomplishments in the class roomhave greatly improved through his sophmore and senior year. His grades have risen to college potential, I hope he continues to climb to achieve his goals. His accomplishments on the football field excelled as well. His winning kick during the semi finals helped his Varsity team to go to the finals and then again to kick a crucial field goal to make Vista the 2001 D.I.V 1 Champions. His hard work ethic and determinationto achieve will aid **** in his educational goals of attending a four-year University, as well as his physical goals of playingfootball. He had proven to me that he has the potential to do whatever he may want to pursue in the future.

He has developed into a mature young man who will perform to the best of his ability in any endeavor he wishes to take on.


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