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Dear Mr. Lee,

"Doing the Right Thing" was one of the most complicated movies I've ever watched. In my opinion it isn't the type of movie you can love or hate. This movie had so many layers its almost impossible to love or hate every single one.

One of my favorite scenes looks uncomplicated at first glance. After taking a more indepth look, I've noticed that almost all of layers shown throughout the whole movie can be seen in this one scene. The scene I'm talking about is the one where Jade and Sal are very comfortable having a conversation between the two of them, making everyone around them very uncomfortable. At the end of this scene Mookie confronts Sal, telling him to 'Keep away from my sister'. The different layers of this scene include Mookies' confusion with his relationship witth Sal. At times, Sal refers Mookie as like-a-son, and Mookie agrees.

But Mookie tells his like-a-father to stay away from his sister. Other layers include racial tension, family pride, communication, and confusion.

Mr. Lee, I was wondering where you get the inspiration to write movies and stories like this one. How long have you been writing, and when did you realize you were really good at writing? I also wanted to ask you what you're thinking about doing for your next 'Spike Lee Joint'. I think a good idea to use would be a day in the life of the next generation of Bed-Stuy and how they're parents' actions affected them. Especially Hector. I also think the movie should concentrate on how even now in 2006 racism is still out there.

I'd like to thank you for making such wonderful movies, and congratulate you on your success.

Thanks you