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Williams Organic World Breads

200 Fitch Ave.

Baltimore, MD 21236

April 1, 2005

Mr. John Stewart

1255 Woodfall Ct.

Nottingham, MD 21236

Re: Termination of Employment

Dear Mr. Stewart:

On July 23, 2001, after reviewing your application and researching your references, our firm interviewed you for the job of Assistant Director of Marketing for our Baltimore Maryland divisional office. We advised you that you would be directed from our Eastern division complex for day-to-day operations. After your interview was completed we decided to extend the job offer to you. At that time we advised you that if you accepted the position you would be required to manage a department of eight employee's, for which your team would develop marketing concepts, strategies, and progressive innovations for our line of Organic Bread products. Also during this interview we reviewed your base pay and commission percent, based on our regional sales volume. We further advised you on your yearly base pay increases and the scale that would be used to come to those numbers.

After this review you accepted our offer for this position and continued with your comments that our firm would not be sorry for our decision and that you would turn around the declining sales in the department that we had been experiencing for the past two years.

Within weeks of you assuming your position with us we observed a turnabout in your department's attitude that no task was impossible for them to achieve. This observation was even noted by our company president Mr. Jay Arthur Williams. At that time we felt that we had

Mr. John Stewart

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made the right choice in hiring you for your position. After your first two years of employment you lead our company in sales increases and over all productivity. By...