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June 3, 1945

Dear President Truman,

I am writing to you today to discuss our current relations with Japan and the war situation that we are facing in Europe. I believe that dropping the atomic bomb on Japan would result in fewer American casualties and create peace among our fighting nations. Using the atomic bomb seems very legitimate in wartime, given the number of American deaths that we have had during these difficult times. As you and I both know, our goal is to win this was - period. We must come out of this situation with the least number of causalities possible and we have a wonderful opportunity to advance in doing so.

I do recognize that Japan will suffer a great deal of casualties and various tribulations. However, in war people are forced to die and it is our duty as a nation to ensure our men's safety and protection.

It is a travesty that blood must be shed in war and that innocent people must die; but we must look at the big picture. This move is absolutely necessary for the United States to come out of this war as victorious. Using the atomic bomb is our best shot at getting Japan to surrender and will put an end to the misery and deaths that are taking place in nations across Europe and in the U.S.

The Japanese have already taken beaten us in taking advantage of a vulnerable situation, and it is our duty to ensure that this incident does not occur again. We have the opportunity to make Japan pay for their mistake of attacking our homeland. Every American shed tears at the devastating aftermath of Pearl Harbor. This was a deliberate attack on the U.S. which intended to kill our innocent civilians. They must pay the price for what they have done. We cannot make the same mistake twice of letting a great opportunity to attack pass us by. America will not allow another "Pearl Harbor" to occur on our soil ever again, and I know Mr. President, that you of all men will make sure of it.

It has been determined that the Japanese will not surrender without taking more American lives and causing the heart of every American to endure more anguish and distress each and everyday. America's mothers cannot bear the tears anymore from staring at their son's picture on the wall, desperately asking themselves "when will my baby come home?" Mr. President, our people are suffering a great deal and we must put an end to this. Kamikaze pilots take pride in knowing that they are dying in order to cause our people more affliction and agony by shedding more American blood. They would do anything to win this war, and we must respond to their heinous actions with an attitude of similar nature. We are not a nation to be taken advantage of.

Another major factor that we must take into consideration is that we will be the first nation to use this kind of technology as a weapon meant for destruction. The consequences will be that many civilians will be killed and rebuilding will take years. However, this is an imperative move in the long run. We will show Japan that the U.S is not to be attacked and when you take innocent American lives you must own up to the consequences. Using this weapon could also work to our benefit. It will show other nations that the U.S is in a powerful military situation and has the ability to use this power when appropriate. Our actions will end the U.S.' suffering and the war with the least number of American casualties. This is the best way to come out as the truly victorious Americans that we are.

I know that you will do what is best for our nation, and no less. We must accept the horrors of war. As a nation in war, it is our obligation to save our troops' lives and make the best of this appalling situation. We must look out for ourselves. Unfortunately, the circumstances have become "them" or "us." Our nation's future lies in your hands, and I know you will do what is right. Thank you for considering my opinion on this matter.


(your full name)