Letter written as the point of view of a man in a concentration camp for Jews during the halocaust.

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To my Captors,

I wouldn't be surprised if your expecting me to praise you and tell you how wonderful your Nazi cause is, and that I'm grateful to be a part of this wonderful Holocaust. This could be expected, seeing how narrow-minded and naïve you all are. You think that just because we have a different religion, and we don't want world domination, that you can wipe us out? Do you think that we are the weak ones, the flaw of mighty Germany? You have thought wrong. It is you, the Nazis, who are the weak. You fear us, because you know that we are more powerful than you are, and you know that given the chance, we could destroy you. It is this fear that has driven you to beat us, enslave us, march us around like cattle, and slaughter us like pigs. You call us the filthy sons of bitches, but you are the sons of bitches.

We are not the filthy swines, you are. You have torn our families apart, and then put us through a living hell. You give us a place to sleep, and give us food, but we would have received better treatment in the local sewer. You have burned us like diseased sheep and if you didn't, you tormented us with the sight of the chimneys everyday. We are worked like slaves, and then our food, stale bread and thick soup, is all that we receive. We work in the factories to keep your war going. In return, you whip us. The temperatures very often drop below freezing, and all that you give us is a shirt, pants, and socks. After an exhausting day of work, we are allowed to sleep in mice and lice-infested bunks with no sheets. If we...