In Letters From and American Farmer, Crevecoeur argues that "self-interest" is an admirable and moral goal. Do you agreeor disagree that self interest is the best goal that a person can have?

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In Letters From an American Farmer, Crevecoeur states that "self interest" is a beneficial goal. Everybody has "self interest" weather it's a goal pertaining to money or education or life. I believe "self interest" is the best goal a person can have. The American Dream itself is about "self interest," not greed or selfishness. Wanting to do good things in life or wanting to have a successful life are both good "self interests."

Many of our ancestors came to the United States of America for one thing, the American Dream. The basic idea of the American Dream is to live a successful, honest, and happy life. This is the reason millions of immigrants landed on Ellis Island. Are all those immigrants greedy and selfish? I believe wanting to have such a life is good "self interest" and not greed.

Several studies/surveys have been done to show that most children want to be more successful than their parents.

They also want to give their children more than their parents gave them. My parents are always saying we want you to have the things we never had or do the things we never could. Parents always want to see their children happy and successful so I do not think it is selfish for them to want more for their children.

Most of us have goals in life and most of our goals deal with being successful in one way or another. Most of us are working hard to achieve these goals. One of my goals has always been to make the best of the educational opportunities offered to me. By moving to Rock Hill, I am being told I am not allowed to take advantage of these opportunities. I refuse to believe that and I am fighting to be able to...